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Jubilee Center

The Jubilee Center is a community center for senior citizens and after-school care kids located in Jubilee Park, South Dallas, Texas. Primarily financed by the T. Boone Pickens Foundation and other generous supporters, the building was designed by Brent A. Brown Architects - a firm focused on sustainability. The Jubilee Center is clad entirely of Accoya® siding which was chosen for its strong environmental credentials and performance benefits. Accoya® wood's exceptional durability provided significant leeway to the unique design of the building, included perfectly aligned, 45 degree mitre cuts on all corners of the building.

Foch Street

The Foch Street office building located in Fort Worth, Texas was designed by Cunningham Architects, a small firm committed to sustainable design. The project made use of two existing buildings and integrated a new building between them. The previously standing brick building used sustainable Accoya® wood on the upper lap siding. The new building used Accoya® wood as rain screens. Due to the benefits of Accoya® wood's solar conductivity, the rain screens provide an aesthetically pleasing solution to keeping cool in the hot Texas sun.

Solar Decathlon

Accoya® wood was chosen for the solar screen on the University of Florida's Project RE:FOCUS home in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 competition in Madrid Spain. Designed entirely by the university's architecture students, Project RE:Focus home blended innovative architecture with sustainable materials to create a zero-energy home. Strong architectural elements include a covered open porch with a breezeway oriented to the prevailing wind and of course, the Accoya® adjustable exterior screens which allows the homeowner to control privacy or utilize natural daylight, thus reducing energy consumption. The Project RE:FOCUS house made quite an impact with both judges and the general public by winning the prestigious Public Choice award and winning second place overall in the Energy Balance category and first place in the Communications category.

Sneek Bridge

The city of Sneek in the Provence of Friesland in the Netherlands has a rich maritime heritage and required a landmark entrance. Architects, Hans Achterbosh's design representing an upturned fishing boat became the Sneek Bridge. Made of glue laminated Accoya® wood, the 40 metre long two lane bridge was required to have a minimum 80 lifespan and carry road traffic up to 65 tonnes. Due to it's outstanding durability, Accoya® wood was up to the challenge. Because the Accoya® wooden bridge was so successful, a second, slightly smaller bridge was commissioned.