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Laminated Timber

Laminated timber is a factory-produced material made by gluing together (under high pressure) accurately machined lamellas of solid timber. With a Taylor Laminating Press, we can produce laminated timber sections.

Laminated timber is frequently used in benchtops, tabletops, stair treads as well as various other architect specified products. We have supplied to restaurants, cafes, furniture manufacturers and private residences.

With 2 different laminating presses in operation, we can supply laminated timber in a range of dimensions, sizes and shapes.

There is a wide range of hard and soft wood (including certified) timber species, in a range of colours and grains which can suit personal preference or colour schemes.

There are many benefits to laminated timber including;

  • It is stronger and more dimensionally stable than solid timber
  • A variety of timbers can be used
  • Exterior and interior products

Custom made laminated timber from Mathews Timber Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

  • Maximum sizing on our Taylor press is 2600 x 880
  • Maximum sizing on wheel press is 3300 x 600

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